Hope is a Beautiful Mistress.

Safety has a beauty rarely seen, which I see as a shame to the human race in development. I sit in front of cat, currently, and see she is sleeping peacefully. I even imagine she is smiling in a way, but she will never say if that is the truth or not. Science advises us to look at relationships between man and animal as symbiotic with no real emotion between the two of us. The cat only stays with a human for food, the dog does not bite for fear of punishment, and the bird does not leave due to clipped wings and a cage. This is to say that we have developed a tradition of conditioning animals to require us by using incentive, punishment, or force to make them our own. We are apathetic and inhuman and some how we see love in return.
As inhuman of a process as breaking animals is, we tend to use the same tactics with people. Certain friendships will only be born out of necessity for drugs or money and parents still train their children into the profession of the greatest gain to themselves. This is a sick overuse of power that seems so greatly unneeded in my mind.
This is when I return to the present as I write this and view the cat in front of me once more. She is asleep and silent; compared to earlier when she begged for food and licked me to make me of her scent. This is the selfish nature that drives life, but still she sits in my presence, unflinching at the key strokes I make as I type. This is trust. I will not harm her and she knows it even though I agitate her by petting her or scratch the wrong spots of her. She feels safe; no science in the world would disagree with that statement due how obvious it is. Safety that is not easily gained in her world of fast cars and self-centered animals. She found trust by us feeding her, yes, but more importantly, allowing no harm to come to her by our hands. Generosity for trust, is not incentive for motives.
This is my wish for humanity that may never be reached, but is fun to think about. The day when men receive food not by incentive, but need. Not be punished, but taught. Have no restriction, because their intentions are pure. We will no longer be like animals that we train, but people above simple natures such as greed, mistrust, alienation and on to a more tolerant freedom for all. A peace that I feel is worth fighting for and beauty greater than any diamond.

About adventurealways

Wow, about myself. That is pretty expansive topics, but I will see what I can do. I am currently a student in community college taking liberty to find how I want to help this world. This freedom gives me opportunity to take the classes I want in the amount of time I want and all the while there is an urge for the unknown. To truly express my freedoms by leaving and finding out what I am capable of. This is a happy dream, mostly because I have a women I love to share it with and I know someday I will find a way to take her with me where I explore. I figure this will happen eventually and I only wait for time by learning, living, and loving as much as I can. Everyday is an adventure and I intend to share my thoughts, stories, and intrigues as they come with the honesty I stake my life on. So bear with me, life takes a while.
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