Let Me Tell You What I See…

When I woke up this morning I knew the basic idea of what my day was to be. I would go to the Bart, meet my girlfriend’s friends, and have a nice lunch with them. Maybe the day would end with a sleep over at her house, even though Jayzel said how unlikely it was, I still hoped. Such a rudimentary plan, but all I had needed to gather confidence and get out the door. I expected no great drama, no amazing situations, and let no thought escape the realism of what my day was to be. I gave my best guess as to my day and by the end I was right. No special circumstances had come around to ruin or improve my day, but instead lived a predictably pleasant time. As I am not one for the banal or uninteresting, how could it be conceivably so that I enjoyed my day?
I saw white-noise as it zipped past me on a Bart train; giving me a settled mind enough to think of my life and possible life.
I saw the unsettled smile of a young women I had snuck up on and scared. She was glad to see me as, not only myself and not a villain, but as her boyfriend; here to reconnect love once more.
I saw another young women for the first time who looked solemn, possibly because of her nature and possibly due to me. Either way I could see the occasional smile from a laugh at my smart remarks and how she preferred to be with us and not elsewhere.
I met a gentlemen that recognized my musical favor after a comment on “Les Miserables.” A conversation was drummed up instantly, and though hollow (for we agreed on ever point), common conversation must be the foothold to better understanding.
I saw, probably, the most happy Chinese man I think I will ever meet who sat down at the table with us to ask us for our orders; a liberty that I found charming and much better than the typical distant waiter.
I reassured my group of friends that they did not need to pay me back for the bill I just paid and let my impulsive gesture bring a smile to my own face and not theirs.
I walked through a mall drawing a question for every sight: Japanese utilities being sold as fashion accessories? Fake diamonds on gaudy rings for whom? A fish in a pet shop with an eye missing has nowhere to be received?
Never answered for sure, but still enough to ponder and play with.
Then I walked a long way with love and friend; hearing the happy banter from one and silence from the other. We walked to an unspoken destination at measly pace, with a little need for speech, but physical need for the long trek. The exercise was well received and much needed. We left our silent companion at her door as we exchanged pleasantries and parted. Jay and I continued.
We arrived at her house with love as our goal, but no hope due to family. The simple distraction of a puzzle was a welcomed substitute.
I saw Jay’s baby brother and was fascinated and curious at what I represented to him and how his future would be. A life lives astray from anyone’s possibility, except one’s own.
As Jay predicted, I left when constrained by time to walk and jog alone to Bart. I returned from one person’s life to my own and now I reflect the difference.
I lived a simple day, with dry laughs, intended happiness, and restriction only to find interest where there is none. This is a rare occurrence and one not to brag about, but encourage. Live with a wide mind and deep heart; you just might find what you aren’t looking for.

About adventurealways

Wow, about myself. That is pretty expansive topics, but I will see what I can do. I am currently a student in community college taking liberty to find how I want to help this world. This freedom gives me opportunity to take the classes I want in the amount of time I want and all the while there is an urge for the unknown. To truly express my freedoms by leaving and finding out what I am capable of. This is a happy dream, mostly because I have a women I love to share it with and I know someday I will find a way to take her with me where I explore. I figure this will happen eventually and I only wait for time by learning, living, and loving as much as I can. Everyday is an adventure and I intend to share my thoughts, stories, and intrigues as they come with the honesty I stake my life on. So bear with me, life takes a while.
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