After class today I untied the academic anchor off my neck and stood tall. I breathed freedom and it smelled of possibility. Every other lecture in school I was drifting off to summer prematurely. A time when I could see my friends, figure a job, and take a few more adventurous steps. I see summer just as I did as a child: freedom, but now I finally know what to do with it.
Road trips, day trips, bay trips, hiking, biking, exploring, so much of everything that nothing should be boring. I remember summers in front of the TV watching Nickelodeon; annoyed because I had to wait until 1 in the afternoon for them to start showing the good cartoons. Never once did I realize that the situations I was watching were actually possible if I stepped out my door for more than thirty minutes.
A friend asked me recently “Why do you like to walk around so much?” I was flabbergasted for a brief second, because I had to answer it for myself as well. My reply was that I like the unknown and to be challenged, but it is more than that.
Sit at home and watch a screen flicker or step out side and be the flickering screen, those are your options. You either embrace the safety of your entertainment, environment, and entrap yourself in a room where natural light is an enemy or you accept your capabilities and put them to the test. As human beings we have the ability to climb mountain, build massive structures, and create beauty beyond what the animal kingdom has ever seen. When I understand such a truth I am compelled to do just that and more. Sure, murder, rape, and stealing are off limits, but I guarantee you have other interests and that those exciting activities are not what you want done to you or anyone else you know. Within reality we still have possibilities that maybe people don’t fully understand or take advantage of. We can learn an astounding amount: juggling, singing, history, theater, etc. We can conceive innovative ideas: politics, philosophy, economics, sociology, etc. We can build amazing configurations: houses, relationships, art, muscles etc. All of these being human accomplishments that are worth more to the common man than those same accomplishments on any on a game.
I would wager that many people are scared that they cannot accomplish such talents, but we all possess the ability. Just look past the jeering glances of the people who would stop you on your way and laugh at how you once were. Not a simple transition, but worth while endeavor if there ever was one.
I “walk around”, because I know that I can experience the situations I watch in the movies, TV, and games and test how I would react. Afterwords I can relate better to people and am more enlightened for being being a little more uncomfortable. People assume what is on the screens they watch is truth, when you know nothing of truth until you experience it first hand. I am sure that bar fight on TV look awesome as the hero leaves without a scratch, but would you really be that hero? No, you would probably end up with a bar stool to the face or maybe you would stop the fight. We know nothing of our human nature, because we never test it anymore. We simply watch other people act and never understand emotion and intelligence for ourselves. The best part of this lesson is that you can be that hero. If you work out enough, train in some martial art, and have the courage to start a bar fight with your enemy, then you will be the hero you so admired. Have we lost that ambition? I believe so, but I hope to save it.
I leave you with a quote that perfectly illustrates my point from one of those cartoons I watched during my summers as a child:
“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”
-Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus.

Have a grand summer, anyone and everyone!

About adventurealways

Wow, about myself. That is pretty expansive topics, but I will see what I can do. I am currently a student in community college taking liberty to find how I want to help this world. This freedom gives me opportunity to take the classes I want in the amount of time I want and all the while there is an urge for the unknown. To truly express my freedoms by leaving and finding out what I am capable of. This is a happy dream, mostly because I have a women I love to share it with and I know someday I will find a way to take her with me where I explore. I figure this will happen eventually and I only wait for time by learning, living, and loving as much as I can. Everyday is an adventure and I intend to share my thoughts, stories, and intrigues as they come with the honesty I stake my life on. So bear with me, life takes a while.
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