And Life Begins

My Life begins at 1:30 in the morning as I write this. Not literally for I don’t think babies can write blogs. I mean that my life starts for my audience with this entry. I will elaborate on my past as it becomes relevant, but I live for the present and will keep my updates as current as possible. No fortune tellers or historians here, just my story, told with honestly and pride.
Today was marked by sadness, but not my own. I progressed through the day with a smile on my face an not a blemish on my optimistic record. From class to class I went talking a with friends along the way until I turned at the top of the stairs to my sociology class only to see a young women from my class squatting against the wall. I came closer only to see that tears were in her eyes. At this moment I felt distant. I didn’t know this women enough to sit down with her and comfort her personally, so I smiled, wished her well, and gave her a lucky penny I just found. This feeling, a disconnection with a person left me annoyed I could do nothing more for her than hopes and wishes.
Later I found another young women retaining tears. I hadn’t even noticed until I saw the tear stained streaks around her eyes. Due to a better relationship between us and her usually happy composure, I made quick work of entertaining her with funny remarks of the movie we were watching in costume lab and the difficulties of messing up a wig. She smiled for a time and that kept my empathies at bay for the time I was with her.
After a play that night (Betty’s Summer Vacation), I walked away satisfied at a comedic satire on American television. The light in that room left with me as a walked to my car late at night, but as I passed a locked lobby with windows I spied a friend of mine at a table with a sad demeanor. I saw no tears, but with men that usually isn’t the case and it didn’t matter. He was hurting and I knew it. After tapping and waving my way into his sights I proceeded to use my own sign language. I say my own, because I proceeded to ask if he wanted to talk and told him to be happy with nothing but gestures that probably would have translated badly had they been seen by the deaf. He said he was okay, so I left to my car.
Driving home I couldn’t help by connect the dots. Seeing so many tear ridden individuals makes me wonder if there isn’t some hidden connection we all share. Some force that drew me to them for but a moment of care. I am not sure the reasons for any of the blues I saw, but I do know those people needed someone to talk to and I could not oblige. I try hard to sustain happiness in the people that share my space, but there are circumstances I can’t know anything about. For now, I will just have to be content over what little I could do. More than anything it makes me appreciate the moments I share with my friends as I did late tonight. Happiness blind to outer affects for a short time, presently being enjoyed. A wish I have for everyone.

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Hello world!

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