Oh Muff it all! (The Future)

Muff? Muff you say!? Yes, Muff! Or should I say screw, dash, damn, crucify; take your pick, because they all have a certain ring to them right now. I am done trying to plan a raw uncontrollable force of random like myself for a blog! From this point on I don’t know what will happen. An elephant foot could fly out of your computer screen offering a dandelion for all I know! Actually, I will get to work on that soon. I am not exactly sure why I ever tried to plan anything to begin with, because other than knowing that you are going to grannies house on Thursdays, you wont know anything that can or will happen next (Granny might want a sponge bath).
Sure, you can guess that she will have you sweep the floor or scare the neighbor hood kids away with a witch mask, but you will never be able to know exactly what is going to happen or how you will react to it. One of those little kids you scare might have a bat with him and when it comes to fight or flight, I don’t think that kids running. If by some magic miracle, you thought so far ahead that you remembered your anti-bat spray (for kids) container then I feel sorry for you. To have done whatever complex life calculus necessary to foresee such an event, you must have missed a lot. Anyone who is worth their malt(delicious) knows that there is no such thing as anti bat spray and even if there was you could just as easily dodge said bat, but what I am trying to say is that by living in the future, you miss a lot of the present. (The same goes for the past, but that is another blog entry)
I know plenty of people who have said “I’m going to medical school!” and would have bet their knife that is where they would be in their future, but when they got there they learned something quite to the contrary. Either they hated the amount of work, the patients, the cadavers, or they were tired of having to sleep with all of their professors to get As. Soon, and after some experimentation, they had a different pursuit that lead them in a better more interesting direction that spoke truer to themselves.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are those who jump off cliffs before looking and might as well be described as birds with no wings. Thinking they can fly, but end flabbergasted. These are the people who leave for Greenland with nothing but their swimsuit and hat; laughing all the way at the thought of those suckers who went to Iceland.
So, when I started this blog and set up expectations for the future I was lying to myself and viewers and that is nothing I can abide by. One thing I will be damn sure of is to be honest in what I say and only speak with proof. Proof, that for this topic, can be taken from my own experience. I was young and imaginative and would have this habit of knowing a spectacular event was coming and try to imagine how it would happen with every ounce of Hollywood fantasy I could cook up; shortly realizing that I was wrong and disappointed. Thinking up how this girl I really liked would end up in my arms;dipped into a kiss. Yeah…right. It was always a dip into a kiss, not sure why. That’s holly wood for you.
They say that the key to happiness is low expectations (So that you are always pleasantly surprised), but that can leave you more melancholy than anything, because nothing might ever excite you and as humans we can’t stand for that very long, before suicide sets in. We need excitement to keep us interested and full of life. So! I suggest two solves for this problem of the future:
1. Don’t be ignorant: Have a basic idea of what you are doing and generally what will you do, but don’t get your hopes so high that they get the munchies and hold up a convenience store for all of their snackums.
2. Learn to Improvise: If plans are going awry then be ready to change at the drop of a bat. Anyone who knows me, will say that I love improvising with the fiery force of the earths core folded in on itself times ten! This is because I enjoy the interesting consequences that come of it, even if shame or embarrassment (I don’t believe in either. Again, another blog entry) result.
I know this blog turned into a lesson on “Duh”, but I have learned that even the most obvious information is never taken to heart and it never heard to be reminded. I certainly needed it, which is why this blog will speak to myself as well as the public about whatever is important in this crazy universe. I also understand that this is a general glaze of the future with many technicalities that I can’t and wont argue. Take the delicious glazed blog or not, it is bakery fresh! For now I bid who ever is reading, A-do and hope whatever gratitude or dislike can become a comment on this page. If you liked this, pass it on.
Here’s to a new beginning with much more to come, cheers!

About adventurealways

Wow, about myself. That is pretty expansive topics, but I will see what I can do. I am currently a student in community college taking liberty to find how I want to help this world. This freedom gives me opportunity to take the classes I want in the amount of time I want and all the while there is an urge for the unknown. To truly express my freedoms by leaving and finding out what I am capable of. This is a happy dream, mostly because I have a women I love to share it with and I know someday I will find a way to take her with me where I explore. I figure this will happen eventually and I only wait for time by learning, living, and loving as much as I can. Everyday is an adventure and I intend to share my thoughts, stories, and intrigues as they come with the honesty I stake my life on. So bear with me, life takes a while.
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