Perhaps I’ve been verbose…

I know my last entry was an optimist observation of myself and others, but I have to know that isn’t what people who read my work would like, so instead I’ve decided set up some goals:
1. I am going to try to post my adventures in interesting places I have found over the years. Tell a little about them and post some pictures to go with it
2. Everyone likes another opinion, unless they are a willingly deaf jerk of the highest caliber that just saw dragon ball evolution after I told him not to! So maybe I will post a review or two of movies, books, and plays I see. I am honest and forthright with all of what I say, so I wont steer you wrong.
3. I am a writer. Otherwise I’d be lifting weights, playing video games, or druggen/thuggen/muggen with my homies. Ok, so maybe I do a little of the last one when I can, but I have finally decided to write more after years of refraining from the act. I have written a few short stories and I will write more soon. Those stories might end up on here for entertainment purposes.
4. Explain incidents and ideas in everyday life that might be interesting. I am a thinker and not a day goes by that I’m not pondering something that has happened of a thought that has stricken me. So maybe the interest will be common place for most of you, maybe not, but hey, its my blog!
These are some things I seek to do for the readers that take their time to humor me and who knows I might humor you. I don’t laugh are written script too easily, but hey! I believe in you. So cheers for the future!

About adventurealways

Wow, about myself. That is pretty expansive topics, but I will see what I can do. I am currently a student in community college taking liberty to find how I want to help this world. This freedom gives me opportunity to take the classes I want in the amount of time I want and all the while there is an urge for the unknown. To truly express my freedoms by leaving and finding out what I am capable of. This is a happy dream, mostly because I have a women I love to share it with and I know someday I will find a way to take her with me where I explore. I figure this will happen eventually and I only wait for time by learning, living, and loving as much as I can. Everyday is an adventure and I intend to share my thoughts, stories, and intrigues as they come with the honesty I stake my life on. So bear with me, life takes a while.
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